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Don’t Just Show up on the Web, Drive in Your Customers

A website is just the beginning. With the right strategies, your website can be the engine the drives your marketing plan.

Paid ads, email marketing, local SEO, all work together to create a wonderful symphony of growth and work to help you reach your goals.

supporting small businesses through web design

What We Do

Website Design

Responsive, beautifully designed, and optimized for speed. Created with the best practices for small businesses.

Why hire a designer?

Contrary to popular belief, using systems like Wix is not what makes a person a designer. Knowledge of web conventions, understanding speed optimization, and mastering tools to create designs with form and function. These are just a few benefits of hiring a web designer.

Placing a page up with a few images will not bring in more customers, and will cost you time and leads. 

JTab Design uses web conventions and best practices on our websites, to make sure that you don’t just market yourself, you make your business stand out.

Email Automation

Create a powerful email automation that keeps you in the minds of your customers

Why E-mail?
E-mail marketing is a powerful piece of the customer journey. By building an e-mail list, you can guide customers to take action, and gather feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Audience Analytics

Let the numbers tell you what works and what doesn’t. Design a website driven by data to boost sales.

How can audience analytics help?
Our premium website plans come with 3-6months of web analytics. This means that we analyze customer data to find out where the website needs tweaks to find how to help customers in the decision process.
We also find out customer profiles using cookies to give you a better picture of your clientele.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is a focused effort to conquer your local search engines and rank higher than your competitors.

Why should I care about SEO? Why Local SEO?
SEO impacts the number of visitors you get, which impacts the amount of traffic you receive.

While broad SEO can be extremely difficult to rank for on Google, local SEO focuses its efforts on your local area and your local competition. Meaning a smaller scope = easier to rank.


Copywriting & Strategy

Don’t just throw words on a page. Think about each step of the buyer process to give them the best experience.

Why professional copy?

Copywriting is possibly the most important part of a website. The words and pictures evoke subconscious emotions in our audience that can either make or break their interest.

Copy needs to be tailored for your ideal client, at each step of their journey.

Website copy is particularly niche, in that legibility and simplicity take precedence. 

Small businesses don’t just need words, they need a story.

Web Hosting

Give your website a home it can thrive in. We offer shared hosting that is created with page speed and low website downtime as a focus.

Why does your host matter?

Web hosting is the primary factor in your website speed. While there are many cheap hosting options in the market, this can severely affect how fast your website loads, which will cause you to lose 90% of your customers.

Poor shared hosting can also leave you open for security compromises. 

We use the fastest shared hosting and offer upgrades to the best WordPress hosting.


Free Website Audit

Find out why your website isn’t gaining visitors, how to improve it, and how we can help.

What is a website audit?
We analyze your websites speed, on-page and technical SEO along with web page layouts. We give you a video overview of what you can do to improve your site and having it firing on all cylinders, all at no cost.

Website Management

No need to break your head learning how to manage your website’s security, content, and updates. We pair hosting and management for a stress-free solution.

Why have someone manage your website?
You already have enough on your plate, don’t add learning to manage websites to the list. We offer excellent hosting plans paired with website management to get the total package.

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